What is Sacred Art?

Sacred art is the expression of spirituality through the sense of vision. Sacred art can uplift the mind, calm the spirit, and call one to meditation or prayer. 

Sacred art can have many purposes. It can profoundly express that which is known and felt but unexplainable through words. It can also help us celebrate the experiences of daily living that add to our spiritual life. Sacred art allows us to pause and refresh ourselves.

Art has the power to inspire people for the better and in turn change the world!

A painting is also changed through its’ interaction with the observer. Many famous works of art become more precious over time and are thought of deeply by those who love the image and come to understand the artists’ intent. Many people do develop relationships with the art they purchase and continue to see new things within it.

As you view the paintings, notice your response. The average time an individual looks at a piece of art is seven seconds. Take your time!

About the art

When you purchase original art you become a partner in a fantastic creative process. Each painting has its’ own recorded serial number and comes with a certificate of first ownership. The provenance of the painting starts with you!

All work is of archival quality. This means your purchase creates a living legacy that will last for generations to come.

Title: This Little Light
Artist: © 2013 Constance Tenhawks
Dimensions: 8” x 12"
Medium: acrylic on canvas